Brandi Morales: Simply Captivating, An Artcle by Erin Johnson

The instrument is tuned and the stage is set. The microphone gets adjusted one more time and the strumming of guitar chords begins. Music fills the air as the voice takes over. Delicate harmonies and powerful lyrics intertwine, occasionally revealing a glimpse of raw emotion. Brandi Morales has captivated another audience. What sets Brandi apart in an industry teeming with talented musicians, singers and songwriters? She has never taken a formal music lesson or class, nor has she been professionally “groomed” for the stage. Brandi was simply born to write, play and sing her music, and share her gift with others. Her voice has a country feel in the tradition of great women of country music, yet she has a sound all her own. She plays the guitar effortlessly, and can strum a song perfectly even after hearing it only once. The maturity of her words and music reaches an audience almost at a soul level, as this brand new performer settles comfortably in the spotlight and weaves her magic spell as if she’s been doing it for years. Surrounded by a musical family from birth, Brandi, 23, began learning to play the guitar at age 13. Her father taught her the basic chords on an acoustic guitar and in a few short months she learned her first song, “House of the Rising Sun.”

“Once I learned how to play all the chords well, I would listen to songs on the radio and then play them,” Brandi said. “But I never took actual guitar lessons.”

She continued learning and successfully playing her favorite songs, honing her craft more with frequent family sing-a-longs. When she felt ready to write her own songs, she also felt somewhat puzzled. “I used to think, how can there be so many songs and every one is different, yet people are still coming up with new songs?” she said. “But once I wrote my first song, I got it. Everyone has their own idea of what makes a song special. Some people listen to music for the lyrics, others for the melodies. I love the creativity that goes into writing a song, coming up with lyrics that people can relate to, and at the same time creating a melody that truly expresses how I feel inside.”

Brandi’s first song, “You and I (Will Always Be)”, was inspired by the music of Shania Twain, and is one that she still loves to sing.

“When I sing it I feel like I’m back in the time when I was writing it,” she said. “I put all my feelings into writing my songs, so every time I sing them, I feel as though people are really seeing me. They come from somewhere deep inside my soul.” With talent on her side and the experience she has gained from performing with her siblings and recording her own demos, she has already achieved so much. With her ability to play several instruments including basic piano and keyboard, rhythm instruments and saxophone to name a few, she understands a song from the first note and word written to the last note that is played and all in between.

Brandi’s music is compelling and revealing and gives the music world a captivating new sound that is sure to grasp the attention of country music.

“I feel like my greatest accomplishment so far is having written 15 songs by the age of 23, and received such positive responses to those 15 songs,” she said. “What excites me is knowing there are tons of songs waiting inside my brain to be written, and I am just anxious to hear them!”

A talent ready to be discovered, a wellspring of songs ready to be written. Brandi Morales is ready to captivate the world.